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The mat is very cute and our baby loves it too. I bought this mat because our drain is on the right side of the bathtub and our baby is always looking toward the drain. As a result, the picture is always the right way around for the baby.
Patrick N.
Review from Germany from September 3, 2022
Verified purchase
Have bought several bath inserts and have only been satisfied with this one so far. Finally, a mat that not only looks beautiful but also smelled minimally. When it comes to rumors, I'm super, super sensitive. The very slight smell was gone after a few days. Highly recommended for anyone with a sensitive nose!
Review from Germany from August 6, 2022
Verified purchase
Sits stable and safe in the bathtub. Good and durable quality! Our son loves the colorful fish pattern. Can highly recommend!
Maya Low
Reviewed in Sweden on June 10, 2021
Verified purchase
My kids love it! It's really big with the pretty colors. there is not a bad smell like with other plastic mats.
Review from France on April 10, 2021
Verified purchase

The future of innovative products begins right here!

The future of innovative products begins right here, with us. We are the ones who will create and design useful products that make people’s lives easier. We have the imagination and the skill to make anything possible. So let’s get started!

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